Frymaster Kitchen Entertainment Center KFC 1 SMS User Manual

Frymaster, a member of the Commercial Food Equipment Service Association, recommends  
using CFESA Certified Technicians.  
24-Hour Service Hotline 1-800-551-8633  
FEB 2001  
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1.1 General  
The KFC-1 SMS Cooking Computer is designed to operate with both full- and split-pot fryers. For  
a full-pot fryer, turn the computer on by pressing either switch. For split-pot fryers, press the  
left switch to operate the left pot and the right switch to operate the right pot.  
NOTE: Activation of  
the oil management  
system is optional. All  
other features of the  
KFC-1 SMS remain  
operational with the  
oil management  
The KFC-1 SMS Cooking Computer is designed to control either single or  
multiple cooking cycles. The computer has 10 product buttons, which can be  
individually programmed with up to 10 cooking intervals, three pre-alarms, and  
straight or flex time for each product. The KFC-1 SMS can track the number of  
heads cooked by the fryer and calculate recovery time. Also, the KFC-1 SMS  
can be programmed to calculate recovery time and the number of cook cycles  
since the last filtering. It is used on Frymaster KJ3FC, KSCF18G, and  
KSCFH18E open fryers and can be programmed for heat curves for any product.  
programming idle.  
It is designed to operate in both full-pot and split-pot fryers. The KFC-1 SMS also has shortening  
management programming and an internal real time clock.  
If power outages of less than 5 seconds occur, KFC-1 SMS computers will automatically return to  
current operational status once power is restored. If the computer fails to return to the current  
operation when power is restored, reset the computer by unplugging the fryer from the power  
source. The computer should reset when the fryer is plugged back in, and this, many times,  
eliminates costly, unneeded service calls.  
1.2 Service Information  
Call the “800” number on the cover of this manual for the location of your nearest maintenance &  
repair center. When requesting service assistance, always give the model and serial numbers of your  
cooking computer and the type of fryer this cooking computer is installed on.  
To assist you more efficiently, the following information will be needed:  
Model Number  
Serial Number  
Type of Fryer  
Nature of the  
Any other information which may be helpful in solving your service problem.  
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1.3 KFC-1 SMS Computer Controls  
KFC-1 SMS Computer  
Turns the fryer ON and OFF.  
For a full-pot fryer, press either ON/OFF switch to turn the computer on.  
For a split-pot fryer, press the left ON/OFF switch to operate the left pot and  
press the right ON/OFF switch to operate the right pot.  
Product Buttons  
Each of the 10 product buttons selects a cook cycle, starts the cycle, cancels the  
cycle, and stops the end-of-cycle alarm. A flashing LED above the product  
number indicates that product has been selected.  
In programming mode, these buttons are used to select the head count, cook  
time, setpoint, flex, and alarm settings.  
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1.3 KFC-1 SMS Computer Controls (cont.)  
Button Function  
Program Scan  
Shows the remaining cook time for other active cook cycles when operating in  
the multiple cook cycle mode.  
In programming mode, this button activates programming mode, and  
advances through the programming steps.  
Shows the remaining cook time.  
In programming mode, this button is pressed to move to the next step in the  
programming sequence.  
Shows the actual fryer temperature.  
Pressing twice will show programmed setpoint temperature. Pressing three times  
will show time.  
In programming mode, this button is pressed to select menu options.  
Exit/Cool Filter  
Returns the computer and fryer from the standby mode to normal operating  
During Filter Lockout Mode, pressing this button returns fryer and computer to  
the setback mode once filtering has been completed. During operating mode,  
press left Exit/Cool Filter to view time.  
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1.4 Morning (AM) Polishing Cycle  
ON/OFF button  
to turn fryer ON.  
Computer display changes to PLSH.  
Assemble filter. Sprinkle 8 ounces  
of filter powder over filter paper in  
filter pan.  
Press EXIT/COOL FILTER button on computer  
When the fryer reaches filtration setpoint, the display alternates between START and  
Open drain valve. Turn pump ON. Computer displays PLSH 30:00 to polish shortening for 30 min.  
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